The Rule of Three in Joke Writing

hands showing one, two, three

The rule of three is one of the most well-known joke writing techniques. It’s difficult to know who came up with this technique, but I’ve heard it discussed by many comedy writing teachers. The rule of three goes like this: you establish a pattern by having two similar things and then the third thing is … Read more

Contrast Between The Sacred & The Profane

Brent Forrester speaking

One comedy technique, according to former Simpsons and The Office writer Brent Forrester, is the contrast between the sacred and the profane or the high and the low. In Brent’s talks, he gives examples like the farting preacher (farting = profane, religion = sacred) or a TV idea called baby with a machine gun (baby … Read more

Comedy & Humour Writing Competitions

woman with laptop writing in her notepad

There are a lot of writing competitions out there, and some incredibly prestigious ones too. But there are an incredibly small number of writing competitions that focus specifically on funny writing. Lots of opportunities for standups, but few for funny writers. There’s nothing to stop you submitting a funny story to one of the many … Read more